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I am Kara Bilbo, Organizing Consultant and the founder and owner of Move & reMove Home Organizing LLC. I provide affordable organizing solutions for all seasons of life. 


For 20 years my life as a military spouse and mother of 2 has included 9 moves, 7 states and 3 countries.  Each move we’ve managed to turn every house into a HOME regardless of the size or layout. While we have experienced amazing places…not every house was amazing.  By thinking outside the box we managed to comfortably reconfigure our belongings. My experience and passion to plan makes me authentically qualified to help others discover order and efficiency is an affordable reality.


As we navigate life and encounter change… planned or unplanned; positive or negative, it requires us to alter how, why, when and where we utilize our space. We cannot hit “pause.” Overtime stress, frustration, disorganization and uncertainty impede our ability to adequately manage our space. For instance, getting married, starting a family or beginning a new job are exciting milestones that involve a lifestyle change. Conversely when we experience unexpected life events such as a death, last minute move or global pandemic…switching gears is exhausting and challenging. 


So, what’s the solution?   Hire a ROC . . .Re - Organizing Consultant…So you can ROLL! I specialize in confidential and judgement free 1:1 decluttering, move management, re-organization and downsizing services. I will optimize your space, time and energy with personalized sustainable systems. During the journey clients learn to cut clutter, create time and begin to live with less stress.


Realization is the first “destination” in the RESULTS journey. We spend approximately 3,680 hours in our lifetime searching for misplaced items. (The Daily Mail). That’s an enormous amount of time. Every client is unique and deserves to reimagine their own space with less frustration. A FREE 30-minute phone consult will help identify challenge areas and determine the best service style to realize their organization goals. 

Reorganization – Is the second “destination.” Here we execute the plan by physically moving and removing items to maximize function and flow. I work side by side to guide and support clients VIRTUALLY or In-Person. 

Reclaim – Is the third stop and where the magic happens! Clients will feel refreshed and reenergized by their reclaimed space…because life is easier when there’s a place for everything.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a monumental mess? Living through “Mission Madness” in the midst of “Moving Mayhem” or just a have a few “Messy Methods” that need refinement… Please share my business info. Unsure about what type of reset, then call for a free 30-minute consult. And if you’re ready to cut the clutter? Then book a session! Near or far...wherever you are I can help you reimagine and reset your space...together we will cut clutter and create time for your season of life. 

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