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Group, Private, Virtual & In-Person Opportunities

We live in a fast paced digital world, but still need tangible and sustainable systems to manage the constant influx of paper and digital information. Give yourself the gift of 'piece'-ful paper and learn lasting solutions and systems to successfully organize, manage and maintain your household paper once and for all.


Group, private, virtual and in-person meetings are available. Take a look at the offerings below to see what will best suite your learning style and schedule...together we will cut clutter and create time. Climb Aboard to a more organized life! 

Paper Organizing Workshops

The Pathway to'Piece'-ful Paper

*Group, Private, Virtual & In-Person Opportunities*

Who is it for?

Anyone tired of wasting time looking for documents and overwhelmed with the constant influx of paper and actionable tasks who is ready to embark on a journey to organize their household paper once and for all.

What will happen?

You will learn the skill of organizing household paper with a proven sustainable system.

  • Dedicated time to focus on your paper project with judgment free coaching and encouragement

  • Paper Survey to help decision making process

  • Sorting guide to determine active & reference papers

Why should I attend?

Paper is everywhere and although we live in a very digital world it is not going 100% away anytime soon. Organized paper is allows you to have peace of mind and saves you time when processing the day to day tasks and when experiencing an unexpected or major life event. Life is easier when there is an intentional place for everything. 


How many times have you put paper in a filing cabinet only to never see it again or have it slip out of the file folder?  Clear the counter clutter and ditch your filling cabinet! Learn to systemize your active & reference household paper during organizing workshops where I teach a proven system created by Organize 365®. Together we will cut clutter and create time!

Group Workshops

You, Me and few new friends


When: Typically on Wednesday's. See events tab for current virtual and in-person offerings

Where: Virtual & In-Person workshops available. Please see events tab for current offerings.

Private Workshops

You & I on a  journey together

Virtual Conference

When: By appointment only. See events tab for current private workshop availability.


Where: Virtually via Zoom from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Paper Organizing Systems 

Systemized solutions I use to teach, create and manage 'Piece'-ful' Paper

The Sunday Basket®

a system to organize ACTIVE paper


A place to hold your Active Household Paper and a system to effectively process it.


The Sunday Basket® is a physical product that includes systemized training to corral and aid in processing all the Daily & Actionable tasks and papers that flood our lives.  


The Sunday Basket® system helps users plan out their week intentionally, organizes active papers by category and holds miscellaneous items such as mail, school papers, to do lists etc. until the convenient designated processing day.  


When used consistently, research shows, the Sunday Basket® helps users gain an average of 5 extra hours each week* due to planning proactively versus living reactively.

The Complete Sunday Basket System® Includes:

  • 1 Physical Sunday Basket; with insert divider; making 2 sections

  • The Sunday Basket Playbook

  • 1 Set of (5) 1.0 Slashpockets (Primary Colors)

  • 1 Set of (20) 2.0 Slashpockets (5 each of Pink, Purple, Blue & Green)

  • Access to the Sunday Basket® Club on the Organize 365® Community App

  • Access to weekly Live Club co-working session

  • Lifetime access to a collection of on-demand workshop training videos.


The Paper Solution Binders®

a system to manage REFERENCE paper


A portable and easily system to organize your Reference Household Paper.

The binders are divided into 4 natural categories and each come with 5 slash pockets to organize the dozens of printed information sheets. The full color forms and worksheets help you record and track essential details that often live in our head and become muddled overtime. Additionally, the binder creates a portable and efficient filling system when settling an estate or experiencing a major life event such a move, evacuation or medical emergency.


The Paper Solution® 4 Essential Home Binders:

Financial Binder

All the things...Banking, bills, debt, insurance, investments etc.


Medical Binder

Individual and family medical history, tracking notes, prescriptions, etc. 


Household Operations Binder

Command center headquarters for day to day operations of your home...pets and family, cleaning schedules, meal plans, service providers, holiday planning, etc. 


Household Reference Binder 

The Brick & Mortar details that would likely be passed the next owner or tenant...paint colors, carpet, landscaping appliance information etc.


Systems Workshop

To register for any Paper Organizing Workshops 

please click box below for current dates and times.

Note: You may attend workshops with your own supplies. 



To purchase the Organize 365 Sunday Basket and Essential Home Binders with a special partnership link that supports

Move & reMove Home Organizing please click the box below. Thank you!

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To learn more about The Sunday Basket® and The Productive Home Solution 

Binders® by Organize 365® click box below to view website.

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