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Solutions for your season of Life!

Wherever you are, Near & Far. . . I can help!

Virtual & In-Person Opportunities

in Northern Virginia

Together we will
cut clutter and  
create time

The Problem

Changes        The seasons of life

As we navigate life and encounter change - planned or unplanned...positive or negative - it requires us to alter how, why, when and where we utilize our space. We cannot hit “pause.” Overtime stress, frustration, disorganization and uncertainty impede our ability to effectively manage our space. For example, getting married, starting a family or beginning a new job are exciting milestones that involve lifestyle changes. Conversely, when unexpected life events occur such as a death, last minute move or global pandemic…switching gears is exhausting and challenging. 

The Problem

The Cause     Effect

of Changing Seasons


What causes change? 

Monumental Moments

  • Marriage​ ~ Divorce

  • Birth ~ Death

  • New Job ~ Retirement

  • Medical Issues ~ Emergency

  • The list goes on... 

Moving Madness

  • House​ Purchase

  • Home Sale

  • Moving Preparations

  • Renovations

  • Downsizing

  • Travel

Managing Mayhem

  • Parenthood

  • Work

  • Volunteering

  • Caretaking

Image by Kinga Cichewicz

What is the effect

of change?










Learning Curve

Decision Fatigue

Missed Opportunities

Additional Expenses

The Solution 

Functional           Intentional

Home           Paper


Are you tired of having a cluttered house, piles of laundry, duplicates of, or misplacing important documents? If so, climb aboard to discover organizing solutions to suit your needs and liefstyle.


When we take a moment to truly asses our time, space and energy it creates opportunities for intentional and functional organization systems to support us. Organization is a journey, not a destination. It looks different for everyone based on your experiences and season of life.

Together we will cut clutter and create time!


Paper Organization

We live in a fast paced digital world, but still need tangible and sustainable systems to manage the constant influx of paper and digital information.


Give yourself the gift of 'piece'-ful paper and learn lasting solutions with an Organize 365 Certified Paper Solution Organizer. The proven systems combined with professional guidance will help you sort, manage and maintain all the to do lists and paper in order to optimize productivity and transform your home. Register for a paper organizing workshop today to cut clutter and create time with 'piece'-ful paper!!


Kara Bilbo
Professional Organizer

New beginnings are often messy but that doesn't mean you are destined to live with constant mayhem. I believe when you are proactive vice reactive in cultivating your house it will transform into a comfortable and functional home. Along the way, your mindset will evolve, resulting in less mental clutter to promote growth, productivity and new opportunities.


I help women organize their home and paper with sustainable solutions in order to create a manageable lifestyle with less stress and more enjoyment during their season of life.


Home Organization

Life is hectic and full of change. Sometimes we just need another set of eyes to help see the forest through the trees. Are you stuck at a standstill and not sure what to do? Why reinvent the wheel wheel?

From kitchens, offices, closets to basements and everything in between,

I offer confidential, judgement free, one on one home organizing services tailored to optimize your space, time and lifestyle ... so you can breakthrough the overwhelming state to proactively maintain your household and live with more intention during your season of life.

The Result

Client Testimonials


Give yourself persmission to reImagine

your home and paper with with less

chaos, disorgantion and frustration.

What would it look like?
How would you feel?

Are you ready?

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